Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nov 14 World Diabetes Day & Children’s Day for India

Nov 14 is Diabetes Day for the world and Children’s Day for India. The irony or coincidence is that the incidence of Child Diabetes is observed to be increasing at an explosively alarming rate. As you know Diabetes seriously impairs sex and in the long run spoils Kidney, Heart, Retina, Legs etc. One of the reasons for the alarming growth of numbers is, I feel, that NO EFFORT IS MADE TO CURE DIABETES. The false propaganda of in-curability continues under the camouflage/pretext of syndrome EVEN THOUGH THE EVIDENCE IS THE OTHER WAY . This is highly deplorable. . I have claimed to have CURED my diabetes even as early as 2009 ADE. My claim is based on WHO specified test results obtained from ISO, NABL as well as ACHSI certified labs. I earnestly look for your valuable comments and if possible a discussion.