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My diabetes cured; want to try?

My diabetes is cured; do you want to cure yours?

My diabetes is cured; do you want to cure yours?


The ever increasing number of diabetes patients have already moved this disease to a prominent place in the array of illnesses that cause serious concern to all those who are connected to the field to health. "Diabetes is now an epidemic in India", says an online article. Statistics say that in the near future Indians will form the major portion of the Diabetic population of the world. The disease has already spread to such an extent that a new branch of specialization and treatment namely DIABETOLOGY has evolved and is maturing soon. Some experts predict that Kerala or India will be the “World Diabetic Capital” soon. The following stray thoughts come up when an effort is made to unearth the causes of this situation.

(1) Inappropriate life style and food habits lead many people to diabetes.

(2) Some others fall into the group of diabetics due to genetic reasons inherited from their diabetic parents, ancestors of predecessors.

(3) But the most important reason is something else. It is none other than the fact that diabetes remains uncured for ever! Once somebody contracts diabetes, he/she remains diabetic up to the grave yard. There are no curative medicines or procedures in modern medicine; medicines exercises and dietary regulations available are only to keep diabetes under check.

A different experience

The author has an experience different from what is said above. That is the impetus to scribbling these words here. There is no intention to ponder on the technical details of the types of diabetes and the different age groups that fall prey to it etc in this note since experts have already done it in plenty, world over - both in the web as well as outside. The effort here is only to place on record and share the different experience of the author for the benefit of the society.

The specimen (author) is a common man aged 57 (in 2006) weighing 64 kilograms (141 pounds) and 172 cm (68” = 5’8”) tall. In connection with some illnesses he used to undergo blood test occasionally. One such test on February 25, 2006 showed Fasting Blood Sugar reading (FBS) of 105 mg% and Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) 150 mg%. Another blood test on July 7, 2006 showed an increase to 118 and 197 respectively. The doctor then prescribed a drug and suggested “this is the lowest strength of tablet available. To begin with, take one tab daily. If the Blood Sugar (BS) does not come down after a few days, make the dose twice daily. Even then if it (BS) does not decrease, make it thrice daily. Still if it is not lowered, take it four times daily. Even after taking four tablets daily if it does not respond, we will move to some stronger tabs”.

The physician agreed to the idea of trying out a few dietary regulations before starting the medication, but also warned “after some days of food regulation if the BS do not respond positively, you must start the tabs”. Implementation of food regulations began on the very same day soon after reaching home.

The regimen went like this:

(1) Totally excluded all food items of which sugar is a component (coffee, tea, cool drinks, snacks, biscuits, chocolates, toffees etc.)

(2) Discontinued taking fruits (including jack fruit, mango, plantain, banana, papaya (alias papaw or pawpaw), custard apple etc which are very commonly available in plenty in Kerala).

(3) Breakfast and dinner were substituted with long-wheat kanji (kanji was a typical staple food of Kerala. Generally it is prepared using rice in Kerala. To make it, take the required amount of the grain, boil it in as much volume of water as six times the grain till the grains are sufficiently cooked. Unbroken long-wheat takes ½ an hour in pressure cooker to get it sufficiently cooked).

(4) Started walking exercise for 1 hour daily.

Encouraging progress

After continuing this routine for three weeks, went for blood test on Aug 1, 2006. The result was very promising, was better than what was anticipated. 120-155. PPBS had dropped from 197 to 155 – a reduction of 42mg%. The doctor was consulted with this result.

Studying the result he opined that though the FBS reading had to fall by at least 10mg%, the improvement achieved through the regimen was encouraging enough to hold off medication. He suggested continuing the dietary regulation and walking exercise instead.

B S Falling below thresholds

The next blood test was done on September 1, 2006, one month after having religiously stuck to the food and exercise regulations. The score was an astonishing 100-130. The FBS reading of 110 was what the doctor had proposed as a desirable one. But it had come down even further to 100. (There is no harm in FBS falling up to 80; the range of healthy ones being 80-120). The Doctor advised to keep course of the regulations.

That was easier said than done. In the month just before the blood test all the regulations had gone haywire what with the spate of special occasions and functions he had to ‘grace’ with his presence. Abstinence of the delicacies on such occasions being not so appreciable, kept aside the self imposed restrictions and helped himself to more than a fair share of tea with sugar, cool drinks, fruits like apple, orange, sappotta, besides peanuts, baked biscuits, fried snacks and much more. On a few special occasions like weddings of near and dear ones he downed more food than his usual intake, all that unmindful of the regimen he was adhering to. But the regulations seemed to have already begun its work and it did not let him down. The blood sugar level dropped from 120-155 to 100-130. Body weight remained at 64 kilos.

A bonus

During this time a very important spin off also was noticed. A long lasting constipation varnished completely. This certainly shall be a great relief to many. This happens because the unbroken grain (long-wheat) is cooked and consumed with its inner skin (bran?). This is a bonus!

Blood sugar rising up again!

As a result of the confidence given by the low blood sugar levels he, began eating daal, vada etc. and took some sweets during Onam celebration as well. The blood test on Sept. 12, 2006 showed 100-155.

Burnt the fingers

It was at that time that he read in an article that “apples and oranges were harmless for diabetic people also”!! After all, an apple a day was supposed to keep the doctor away, the good old lines reminded. So he started buying them and eating on a regular basis; one each daily, if small or medium size or half if large. That proved to be an undoing of things. The blood test result of October 4, 2006 showed a further increase: 120-160. Even then we continued taking oranges/apples since it was supposed to provide several essential micro nutrients to our body. By next monthly test on November 7, 2006 sugar level had moved up further: 121-166?!

Learned the harder way

Following this he decided to rather keep the proverb aside and stopped taking apples/oranges. After another month the blood test on December 7, 2006 recorded a decline in sugar level: It reached 91-115.

Event though the BS level was reduced considerably he did not change the routine except taking coffee/tea with sugar occasionally. On December 24, 2006 he attended a feast and took vegetarian meals with plantain fruit and 3 desserts (payasams). On December 30, 2006, he attended another feast and the non vegetarian lunch included fruit salad, ate cake on X’Mas & New Year days.

Pleasant surprise

In spite of all these, blood sugar on January 2, 2007 had dropped further to 80-98, the lowest since the start of the whole process (His pancreas must have regained its lost vitality by this time). FBS 80 is the reading of a healthy person. Good. This is good. But PPBS generally does not fall below 120 even in healthy people. As far as my limited knowledge goes, PPBS falls below 120 only in those who are under medication for diabetes - either tabs or insulin injection.

Any how, he decided to continue avoidance of sweets intake and stick to the long-what Kanji. But due to the presence of guests during the first week of that one month period, he had to eat chocolates, cake, pudding (pineapple dream), and also some fruits.

Taking long wheat breakfast and dinner continued for a few more months, till the purchased wheat was exhausted. Even then one hour walking, avoidance of sweets and periodical blood tests continued. Satisfactory test results followed all the while.

Switching to HbA1C test

During the routine quarterly checkup and consultation on January 20, 2009 he asked the cardiologist ”why do the BS tests done on same day in different labs give different results? How do we know which is the correct one?” He replied “different methods are available for blood sugar test. The results given by different labs can vary depending on the procedure they follow as well as the reagents they use. But no test will give result that is grossly wrong or incommensurate to the actual blood sugar level. Now another test is available. It is called Hb A1C – glycosylated haemoglobin test. It gives the average level of blood sugar for the preceding three months. If the result is below 7% it is considered to be safe. This test will give the same result irrespective of the lab where it is done.
. That day it showed 6.3% Next on Apr 22, 2009 it came down to 6.1% and on Jul 25, 2009 to 5.9%!!!

Then and there he got the test (Hb A1C - (HPLC in D 10 Biorad)) prescribed by the doctor and had it carried out in the hospital lab. That day’s (January 20, 2009) result was FBS; 108, PPBS: 161, Hb A1C: 6.3% (reference range: 4.5%-6.3%). The next quarterly test (Apr 22, 2009 ) showed HbA1C: 6.1% and the next (July 25, 2009) quarterly test gave HbA1C: 5.9% reading.

Proof test

In between, on July 08, 2009 he visited 10 homes of his family unit along with the parish vicar between 6 PM and 10.30pm for annual house Blessings; he being the unit coordinator. Out of courtesy they had to take at least one item each from every house – plantain fruit, coffee, tea, cool drinks, cake, chips, etc. Since there was a marriage and feast to be attended the next day he decided to subject his pancreas to a proof test. Hence he took a heavy breakfast (not long wheat) and consumed all dishes served in the lunch (wedding feast). (It reads like a what is what list: banana chips (oily) sarkkaravaratty (banana & sweet), one dozen side dishes (curries, including a sweet one), rice + daal + pappad + ghee, rice + daal sambar, milk-ata-payasam (very sweet porridge) + plantain fruit, banana fruit payasam (very sweet), booli + semiya paayasam (both sweet items), rice + pulissery (a curry made with curd), rice + butter milk, etc. Lunch began at 12.15 noon and he finished his meal by 12.30 pm. He then proceeded to a lab and took a blood sample at 2 pm. The test result was available by 2 hrs from then. It gave a real surprise. The moment of reckoning ticked away as if for ages and at the end of it the score was a golden figure – 100 mg%!!!

It gave the sweet taste of a long awaited success, sweeter than all the sweets he had bitterly avoided all these days.

Please note.

The quarterly test on July 25, 2009 gave FBS: 108, PPBS: 74, HbA1C: 5.9%. The reply to the question about FBS more than PPBS was that it does happen some times for some ones and it is nothing abnormal.


1. Buy & use only unbroken long-wheat lest you should be cheated.

2.If blood sugar does not start decreasing in a month, avoid smoking & liquor if you are in the habit of having them.

3. Monitor blood sugar regularly - FBS & PPBS atleast monthly and HbA1C quarterly.

4. If already on tab. or insulin inj. monitor blood sugar more frequently, preferably daily at least. Else one may slip into low blood sugar problem (hypoglycaemia?).

5. Neglecting any of the above eight points (four of regimen and four of caution) is similar to removing one of the legs of a table.

Preparing the food supplement suuji goothamb kanji

Preparation for cooking FOOD SUPPLEMENT

In case of difficulty or inconvenience to chew, the kanji may be mashed utilising mixie as required.
Scientific proof

Subsequently, to prove the cure scientifically, he decided to go for a Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) and had it on Sep 10, 2009. From FBS 85 mg%, with an oral glucose load of 75 gms it went to 155 at 1/2 hr, to 160 at 1 hr, came down to 135 at 1.5 hrs, to 100 at 2 hrs and to 90 at 2.5 hrs!!!
According to endocrineweb (http://www.endocrineweb.com/diabetes/diagnosis.html) and Wikipedia this result shows that his diabetes is cured.

In order to make things doubly sure, he took a second GTT at another lab (of an NABH accredited hospital). That test corroborated the first test result. A graphical representation of both the GTT results confirming CURE.



Background of this experiment/study will be continued there soon


  1. Very interesting - and great to see you handling your health in such an active and successful way.

    I have a friend who has type 1 diabetes. He says that although diet can make some difference, he needs to inject insulin several times per day because his body's immune system has destroyed all the cells which produce insulin. So I think for him this would not work, although it might (I don't know for sure) reduce the amount of insulin he needs to take. Does that sound right?

    But most people with diabetes have a different type, so I suspect that for 85% or 90% of people diagnosed with diabetes, your advice would help them - as long as they are willing to give up sweets!

    Out of interest, I do not have diabetes, but all the same I feel much better when I avoid sugar. I do not have any added sugar in the mornings, in my tea, or as jam or cereal, so my tongue adapts to a low-sugar diet, and I appreciate fruit and other sweet things more.

    Sometimes I follow an "every other day diet" idea, and only indulge myself with a sweet thing or junk food every second day. I'm not suggesting this for a diabetic - you would need to be stricter, of course, and use your own wisdom. But it works well for me as a non-diabetic, so I enjoy my food and my occasional "treats" (I enjoy them more when I have to wait for them!) but have much less sugar in my diet, and have less of a craving for sweet things.

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      i was infected with DIABETES Disease Eight months ago i read about DR DAN of blessedspellhome@hotmail.com and decided to contact him for his herbs just as i read about him after i kept spending on hospital drugs but to no avail. He did send me his herbal Medication after i made the payment as agreed for both the herbs and the delivery to my country so i took the Herbal Medication just as instructed and i noticed changes in my skin after 14days of taking the Herbal Medication. To my greatest surprise no trace of the disease was found in my body after going for a test in the hospital. It sounds too good to be true just as i felt when i read the preview i saw but it is true DR DAN Herbal Medication cured me of my diabetes. Contact him you might also be lucky blessedspellhome@hotmail.com or his website http://blessedspellhome.wix.com/dr-dan call him direct

  2. Diabetic retinopathy could be associated with poorer memory and diminished brain power in people with Type 2 diabetes, according to a new research.

  3. hi sir,

    would like to discuss with you about emmer wheat and its cure for diabetes much more.
    can you please share me your contact details.
    mine is arunkumar.rajesh@gmail.com

  4. Hi rajesh,
    Thank you for the interest. I am sending you my contact details soon

  5. Mr George,

    Very interesting indeed . I have my own account& experiences to share with youe but I cant put it here as it is quite long. Please email me your email address to


    From Mann Abas
    [I am a Malaysian Diabetic]

    1. please share me if u had success with anything for Diabetes. I am suffering and wish to try anything that helped u or anyone else please. thank you.


  6. Hello Sir,

    My cousin brother is diagonised with Type II diabetes at the age of 25. Can you please share your contact detail to me so that I can discuss more. I am eagerly waiting..

    Thank you

  7. Hello Sir,

    My cousin brother is diagonised with Type II diabetes at the age of 25. Can you please share your contact detail to me so that I can discuss more. I am eagerly waiting..


    Thank you

  8. Hello George
    A fortnight ago, on a chance random blood sugar test my sugar read 314, My life was doomed, I knew the shadow of the long awaited death sound of diabetes was upon me. My extravagant lifestyle of running from one meal to the next had done its damage. The visit to the doctor only confirmed the worst fears. The day was FEB 16 2012, My mother has been a diabetic for 24 years and I have seen her steady decline and increase in pills by the dozens now. I was lost and I have chosen not to consume pills. On my own with dietary restrictions my FBS is 152(3.03.2012) and RBS is 160 as on 8 Mar 2012. Both figures still high. I wanted a more detailed diet plan, what do you eat for Lunch if u eat Wheat mash for breakfast and Dinner. What is a typical day plan and also if you could elaborate for a week, It would be of immense help. I would love to speak to you personally and if I may please send me contact details to my email address almerchant@gmail.com.

    1. hi Ali,
      please share with me if u had any success with anything in fight against diabetes. please. i will appreciate. so far, i am trying low carb high fat and it helped a little as instead of 6 i am on 4 tablets per day. please write me ur good experience so far...where are u located at..i am in England. mycanal@yahoo.com

  9. A diet Plan on these lines would be highly appreciated.
    Please comment/correct.

    2 rotis/phulka with 2 eggwhite omlette
    A 200ml bowl of skimmed milk and cornflakes

    Mid Morning
    Coffee(with milk n sugar)

    3 Rotis with any dal and Salad large bowl
    3 Rotis and Baked Chicken single serving
    A Cup of rice with any home cooked gravy

    Mid Evening
    Coffee(Milk n Sugar)

    2 Rotis and Dal
    2 Rotis and 2 egg whites
    200ml Skimmed Milk and Corbflakes

    A single fruit (Apple, Pomegranate, Papaya)

  10. Hello sir,
    i would like to know more about long wheat. Can you please give me your contacts.

  11. My email is

  12. hello sir,
    Thanks for giving me the link to long wheat. But i could not be cleared . sir, make me clear what long wheat is exactly called in Hindi and in oriya. what i got as 'JOU' is with husk and the kanji is not seeming same as you provide in your blog. Please guide me to follow your steps.
    waiting anxiously

    1. If you want me to guide you, you have to provide details about the patient and disease. You will also have to pay for my time.
      If you have seen something with husk, please send me a photograph so that I can comment on it.

      E M George

    2. PL send me the name of the long wheat name in tamil .Is it samba gothumai or oosi gothumai?

    3. Hi arunachalams, As far as I know samba & oosi are the names of the same grain in two different parts of Tamil Nadu.

  13. Hello George,

    Great to read about your method and your amazing success! I'm very keen to discuss this with you further to see if it may be of help...

    Please could you send me your email address to neal.s.prasad@gmail.com

    Thank you!

    1. Hi neal s prasad,
      I have no plans to extend personal service free of cost.

    2. Do you have any medical degree which entitle you to do treating patients

  14. Hi
    I have heard that it is easier to reverse diabetes in its initial stages with diet and exercise. However, it is not easy once you have been a diabetic for some years.
    You may have heard that people on purely raw vegetables and people who have done bariatric surgery for obesity also reversed diabetes once their weight dropped.
    The long term effects are not very encouraging I heard.
    But all this proves that the pancreas as well as the tissues that cause insulin resistance are capable of becoming healthy again-but how?
    I have been diabetic for over 9 years and now I am trying a millets diet- Ragi for breakfast, Chaama for lunch and I am asked to buy wheat and process it and have chapathi for dinner. I will try this Sooji Gothambu for dinner.
    My blood glucose levels did drop considerably with this diet, but I am still on medication- though slightly less

    1. Hi Ms Susan,
      What is the status of your Diabetes now, thst is after the lapse of 4 years. You seem to be very knowledgeable about Diabetes also. I hit cure in 3 years.

  15. I have posted earlier. I was diagnosed with diabetes and BP in 2000, but managed to reverse both with 45 days of Great Lent- pure vegetarian food, only one small serving of fruit per day, no sugar or sweet dishes, prayer and prostrations 3 times a day. My BP never came back and I think that this is because I kept my mind more peaceful through prayer, but my diabetes returned after 5 years when my father fell suddenly and seriously ill. I could not summon up the energy to go on the rigorous regimen of 2000 and took medication and has been diabetic for the last 8 years or slightly more. I was on Lantus Insulin and 2 tablets.But now I have quit my job and am on a special diet of millets and a smoothie of Ivy Gourd fruit in the morning. At first my BS dropped dramatically enough but I started eating a sweet now and then. However I stopped the tablets and increased insulin but my fasting BS and PPBS after breakfast is still high. It had dropped to 80 with less insulin and no tablets but rose after I started taking Chapaathi and Non veg dinner.

    After reading this site once more, I have decided to cut Non-veg, (which is really dense food and my BS always drops during fasts and lent) use soochi wheat for dinner and stick to Ragi and Little millet for breakfast and lunch. Egg never increased sugar levels. Oats and Agave Nectar (1/2 teaspoon also kept sugar low.
    I have also started yoga 2 weeks back.
    I will report progress in due course.

    1. Hi Ms Susan,
      How far did this new regimen helpto tame your decade old Diabetes?

  16. I forgot to say, my veg smoothie and millet diet was prescribed by a practitioner of tribal herbal medicine and he has given me 2 years of strict observance to come out or the disease. He told me that diabetes is dormant for 15 years or more before it manifests ( I have heard that there is a stage of hyperinsulinemia or some such when pancreas goes into a frenzy producing more and more insulin to combat insulin resistance and then it gets fatigued by all this effort!
    Yoga helps because the 'slow twitch muscles when exercised, reduces insulin resistance because of some hormone in the mitochondria of these muscles. (My prostrations helped back in 2000- we are supposed to do it atleast twice a day during morning and evening prayers)
    I have a pet peeve and that is the approach that diabetes is a one way street.
    I will post when there is any change.
    By the way, I have many ISRO relatives, John T George, George Abraham, Dr Omana Mammen, Deepak John. It was Omanakochamma who told me about your site.
    All the best

    1. hi Susan, thankyou for sharing your experience.
      i am also suffering and it is good to know your positive experience. I am trying for low carb high fat diet and it helped me little but not lot. still on search to find somehting that might help me to control my ever increasing sugar level. r u on facebook bychance. What is ISRO ?

  17. Hi Susan,
    Thank you for opening a healthy discussion on health & well-being. Hope & pray it will blossom and bear fruits, by the Grace of God.
    You are right. I have heard about raw vegetable diet of diabetic patients (from Retd. Prof. Dr.V.George Mathew) and about bariatric surgery reversing the diabetes of obese people.
    Facts remain to be facts even if we don't have an answer to 'HOW' right now! We know that glucose gets converted to fat in living creatures. Who knows 'HOW'?
    Is millets diet claimed or supposed to CURE Diabetes? (By the way the word Chaama indicated that Susan knows MalayalaM.)
    Getting blood glucose levels dropped is quite common a thing. What I talk is about getting CURED.There is an ocean of difference between the two.
    Your narration of developments from year 2000 onwards is very interesting and clear. But on the whole, it looks like 'blind man throwing stones at a mango tree', the hits are by chance only. You were never CURED of diabetes, I feel. That was why you had to be on Insulin PLUS 2 tabs daily and the blood sugar (BS) shot up whenever the diet was varied.
    Yoga as well as thin diet are good to control diabetes but in GEM Technology diabetic patient has to take three specified SQUARE MEALS every day!
    Readiness to report progress is a welcome step. In my 'modus operandi' things, processes or procedures are not mixed up so that at the end one knows what has worked and what has not. You are mixing up millets diet, tribal herbal medicine and GEM Technology for Diabetes Cure! Anyhow wish you a CURE at the earliest.
    Can you elaborate your sentence "I have a pet peeve and that is the approach that diabetes is a one way street".
    Glad to know that you are related to J T George, G Abraham, Dr Omana Mammen & Deepak. Three of them are known to me from 1972 onwards. I was bed-ridden due to a non-conventional back pain. That was why I was out of NET for 6 months from 01 06 2012.

    Your posts have given me many new pieces of information. Thank you very much for all that.

  18. Hi
    I have been prescribed a diet of millets by the Tribal Herbal Medical practitioner. He has asked me to
    1. Start the day with a veg smoothie made of 4 Kovakka (Ivy Gourd) Please see this link.

    My cousin Rebecca at St Johns, Bangalore has also researched on Ivy Gourd. She found the leaves have anti diabetic properties.
    However, they cannot actually titrate the values and tell us to take so much leaves cooked etc because the results would not be as uniform as in medicines. The Vaidyan told me to take a smoothie of 4 Kovakka, whatever the size.
    2. Invariably have a breakfast made of Ragi
    3. Use Chaama instead of rice.
    4. I can have chapathi only if whole wheat is purchased, cleaned and milled .
    5. No sugards\.
    6. No sweet fruits.
    7. I am permitted to eat whatever is offered at parties- i.e once a month or so.
    8. I must have a bath first thing in the morning and wash my head in cold water first
    The back of my head is to be cooled first. According to him it is important for a diabetic to keep 'cool'.
    As you know, herbal and ayurvedic medicine talks about body heat, hot foods etc.
    Exercise is a must.

    So much for the vaidyan's advice.
    I have been following it almost 3 months. Earlier, my blood sugar with tablets and insulin was around 120- 145 fasting and 212 etc post breakfast. Now I have stopped the tablets since it gives me unpredictable low BS and I am still on insulin.
    My Fasting BS is still high- 120 etc but after Breakfast it has come down to 140 or 150.Post lunch is around 120. Even after eating sweets such as ice cream, my sugar level remains below 200. This is progress for me.

    All the best.

  19. Hi,
    I am continuing as there is a limit for the length of each response.
    I cheated on one thing- I used chapathy made of Ashirvad Atta and my fasting BS remained on the higher level. After reading about your experiment, I started using Samba Wheat Rava (Soochi Gothambu Rava) Upma and my fasting sugar came down further.

    I bought SOochi Gothambu and powdered it hoping to make chapathi but the flour is gritty and seems as if it has sand in it.
    Sooji Gothambu is very very hard and perhaps it is its texture that makes it gritty. Tomorrow I shall make a batter and try to make wheat pancakes and see how it is or I will give it to my sister-in-laws rabbits if it is really sand that has got in somehow.

    The vaidyan's details http://www.indiantribalheritage.org/?p=5021

    He said the diabetes would be cured if I strictly follow his guidance for 2 years.

    The first time in 2000, the diabetes regressed/ disappeared because of a change in lifestyle. I was OK even under a busy city life, (Bangalore) and poor diet (eating out, late, irregular meals)for more than 5 years. No blood sugar elevation at all. It was the stress of my father's illness that brought it back and I did not fight it back but took medicines as the easy way out. Now I hope that I can come off medicine eventually and eat what I want occasionally without medicine and without an abnormal sugar response.

    I believe that diabetes is a tendency that remains with you all your life and even if I get back my sugar response to normal levels, I have to continue with exercise and controlled diet as long as I live if I must remain diabetes free. It is like the tendency to put on weight. If I bring down my weight with diet and exercise, I can eat an occasional burger or sundae without adding weight. But if I keep eating it as a routine matter, I will put on weight.

    As for exercise, weight training adds muscle and improves metabolism. Exercise of slow twitch muscles such as those involved in walking as well as in the stretches etc of Yoga, activate certain hormones in the mitochondria of these muscles and reduce insulin resistance.

    Yoga for diabetes involves moves like squats on tip=toe, push ups etc that add muscle and stretches which exercise your slow twitch muscles.

    Blood sugar level is also affected by stress, anger and states of mind. Yoga relaxes you and meditation calms you.

    I also walk in the evening.

    Keeping healthy is a way of life and we tend to abuse our bodies when we are busy working.

    I have some more links to the hormone (SIRT 3) in muscles which reduce insulin resistance.
    I must check for those.

    I have a weakness. I have to understand things. That is why I go into all things concerning diabetes.

    Thanks for the info about Soochi Gothambu.

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  21. Hi Susan,
    How did you land up here? Did your Omanakkunjamma give the link or name of this blog? Or some other information?
    Mine was not an experiment, it was an implementation for me. I was knowing the effect of long wheat from 1975 onwards. It was told by my uncle, a qualified Ayurveda Physician, quoting a Sanskrit stanza. All my friends and relatives with whom this information was shared ignored it with due neglect. It was at this juncture that I became diabetic and my cardiologist prescribed Amaryl 1mg 0.5-0.0-0.5 during 2006 ADE. Even though initially it perplexed me, I felt extremely happy for having got an opportunity to demonstrate the age-old Ayurveda treatment. I also thanked God Almighty for giving me that.
    The sentence in your comment "I have stopped the tablets since it gives me unpredictable low BS and I am still on insulin" conveys a lot. If some one is interested I shall elaborate then.
    I partially agree with your view on life-long scenario.
    You said "I have a weakness. I have to understand things"; but it is a STRENGTH as well! To some extent I too am like that. Only thing to be cautious about is that one's knowledge should not be excess to manifest as a barrier or block.
    I do not agree with "Chappaathi ... is why FBS was high." There is a condition or phase in the course of growth of diabetes known as "Impaired Fasting Glycaemia". FBS between 6.1 and 7.0 mmol/l (110 and 125 mg/dl) is the related range. http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured_-_George%27s_experience#Further

    I do not subscribe to your view on "... the Ivy Gourd and millet diet ... cause hypoglycaemia ...". IF ANY ONE HAS SUFFERED HYPOGLYCAEMIA, IT IS DUE TO THE IMPROPER COMBINATION OF INSULIN &/or TABS &/or DIET & LIFESTYLE. Active components are insulin & tabs, NOT Ivy Gourd I feel. Has any one (including your cousin Rebecca at St Johns, Bangalore) tried Ivy Gourd &/or millet's diet alone (that is, not in combination with Insulin and Tabs) and verified/confirmed it?
    As Susan rightly said "Blood sugar level is also affected by stress, anger and states of mind" but are you aware that EVERY SINGLE ACT - BE IT PHYSICAL OR MENTAL, MAJOR OR MINOR, SHORT OR LONG, VOLUNTARY OR INVOLUNTARY - affects the blood sugar level?! Those who try to watch/monitor BS closely will "GO MAD" (figure of speech). The health mafia is constantly on the look out for preys. They may even offer instruments free and recover its cost through consumables. Any anxious patient who can afford will get trapped.
    You feel "Constant medical supervision and blood glucose monitoring is required. I check 3 to 4 times a day and it is pretty costly". I RESERVE MY COMMENTS.

  22. You are right sir, they offer free machines and costly consumables. It was only when I combined Ivy Gourd with the tablets and insulin that I was on, and changed my diet to millets that my BS fell to 60 every day by around 12 AM. I reduced my tablets.

    I am going to replace ragi with Sooji Gothambu in the morning because Ragi is very starchy food. Night too I will have Long Grain Gothambu Upma and have chama for lunch.
    My BS 2 hours after chaama is around 120. After Ragi puttu with Plantain it is 160 and Ragi Mudde with Sambar about 130-140.

    I will stop all fruits

    I walk and do yoga. I read that exercise of slow twitch muscles reduced insulin resistance.

    Several people have researched Ivy Gourd and I have provided a link from some one other than Rebecca. It gives the science behind it. I found this link through Google Search, since Omanakochamma told me that you had a blog.

    I have lots of information on latest research if you would like to see these.

    Sometimes I find it very depressing- the constant battle, the need to resist all the food that I love- Papaya, Tapioca, French Fries etc.

    Glad you managed. It gives hope.

    I shall try your diet now and replace Ragi or use it occasionally till the stock is over

    Did you skip lunch?

    Could you eat Non Veg? What did you have with the Kanji?


  23. Hi Susan,
    On finding your BS falling below 70mg/dl, the decision to reduce tablets was a wise step. Taking tablets to bring down BS level is the last thing a diabetic should resort to. Tab forces the already weak pancreas to over-do to meet the demand. Many people think that tabs contain Insulin. Oral/edible Insulin is still a dream - a research subject.
    Fruits are good for health, no doubt. But that is applicable NOT to the diabetic patients. You can restart fruits once you ascertain CURE, BY APPROVED & LOGICALLY CONVINCING TESTS.
    The delta increase to the tune of 20-40 mg of BS in the Post Prandial test is to be attributed to Plantain, NOT to poor Ivy Gourd.
    Regarding my question on research on Ivy Gourd, my intention was to make it clear to you as well as other readers that in the case of your (hypoglycaemia or) low BS Ivy Gourd is INNOCENT.
    I have one page in Appropedia on same topic, Diabetes Cure. That also is interactive. It is more active than Blog. I was trying to see whether you came through that, http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured_-_George%27s_experience It comes as the first among 120,000,000 or so pages on Long Wheat if one search ''Long Wheat'' in Google.
    With regard to the volumenous research information, my humble response is that since I know how to CURE DIABETES, I do not want to over-burden my aged brain by learning more and get confused. You know the proverb VENNAYUNTENGKIL NARUNEY VEERITTU KARUTHEENAMOO? (For the benefit of non-malayalees: Why to keep Ghee if one has Butter!)
    Any how I am thankful to your willingness to share it with me.
    You can win the battle against diabetes for sure; its not going to be constant once you follow my path. Would you like to watch this video?
    If one is glad & hopeful, positive result DEO VOLENTE is certain.
    I never skipped lunch. During diabetes treatment also I took NORMAL USUAL lunch. I think I mentioned about "THREE SQUARE MEALS A DAY IN GEM TECHNOLOGY..." in my earlier comment. Even when I was on ONE-MEAL-A-DAY routine during the 1990's I never skipped lunch. It was only lunch that I took those years!!! That was an experiment for me.
    I ate Non-Veg as a side dish, we ancestrally never eat Non_Veg as main dish. Main dish is always STARCH based. Now-a-days it is not so for many affordable people.
    With the Kanji (Mash of westerners, as the dictionary says) I used to take ALL side dishes that were prepared for the family those days.

  24. Thank You. I too never skip lunch and there is no problem with BS after lunch. I have started taking Soochi Gothambu.

    Is it medicinal?

    I presume all your meals were soochi gothambu.

    1. Yes it is medicinal FOOD.
      But your presumption is not right. My lunch was as usual rice & curries, then as well as now.
      Three square meals every day, of which two with long wheat.
      Try to give more systematic and precise feedback so that I can guide for a faster cure.

  25. Dear Sir, I am suspected to have diabetes by the doctor he advises me to have a diabetic test i was browsing for the article to cure diabetes and pleasantly came across your website which you claim to have cured diabetes through Long Wheat can you tell me if the same can be done through small wheat?

  26. "Long wheat" refers to a variety and not size.See at http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured_-_George%27s_experience#Long_wheat

  27. Dear Sir, This is by far the most inspiring article I have read on diabetes and your presentation in the original link (appropaedia.org) is very professionally compiled with data, facts etc to make even the 'skeptiest' skeptic do a double take. I have been a diabetic for 22 years, and am on insulin and other assorted tabs. I shall most earnestly pursue your dietary regimen. On question though - you talk of breakfast and dinner meals, had you been skipping lunch, during the treatment phase?

  28. Hi Unknown,
    I am interested to handle cases like that of yours - diabetic for decades, having crossed several stages in diab treatment such as (1)exercise, (2)diet control, (3) tabs, (4) insulin and now (5) insulin + tabs.

    I feel confident of curing you. It may take a little longer. It may require my close monitoring, I feel, so that you will be benefitted by my experience & knowledge.
    If you share your contact info with me, we will interact.

    1. Sir,

      I had high blood sugar on 26th December 2012 340 did a glucose tolerance test,260 fasting sugar. The doctor prescribed 3 tablets. I nwas convinced that this was not diabetes. I have very sensitive stomach which creates all kinds of problems.When I was in the late 20s I developed asthma. In my mid 30s, a well known doctor in Coimbatore told me to have my dinner before 6 pm. I did that andhave been strictly adhering to the routine for the past 20 odd years and I have had not had asthma for the past 20 years even if I catch a cold or sore throat.But if my routine is changed for some time ( once in a while it is ok to have a late dinner, like when I go for a wedding or when we dine out) I get sinusitis or rashes. Once there3 was a very bad case of allergic rashes and the doctor said that something in the food is causing it and I have to eliminate one thing after the other and find it. I stook the medicines for a few weeks, the I simply stuck to my early dinner diligently and stopped the medicines. The allergy vaished.This time also I decided that my stomach is the culprit and set out to correct my stomach problems. I started out with a liquid diet for a day and started wheat kanji mashed in the mixer. and tapered out the diabetes medicine. The blood sugar went down and stayed down. The doctors here are refusing to cooperate so I am doing it on my own. I got a glucometer and am monitoring the BG. Then I saw your post and would very much like to contact you. Your post gave me courage to try this.Do let me know your email ID. and/or your phone number. I am a 61 year old woman settled in Coimbatore with my husband and son. My email ID is ammumurali@gmail.com. Thank you very much for the encouragement given through your post. You are definitely doing a very good work. The world needs more people like you. May God bless you.

  29. Dear George

    My apologies, I was unfamiliar with the 'Comment as' option and ended up as 'anonymous'. My name is Ashok Menon and my email is othena@gmail.com Apologies again for not getting back to you sooner, I did check a few times and finding no response, put the matter aside till I remebered now.

    I am 60 years and shall most eagerly await to get your contact info to write more details regarding my case. I have started experimenting with the wheat kanji since the past week, and realise it requires herioc effort.

    Waiting for your mail,



  30. Hello George Sir,
    I want to know that if we grind the long wheat and make puttu with it, will it have the same medicinal value as that of kanji?
    Thanks and regards...

  31. Hi Praveen,
    Welcome & thank you for the interest. I have not tried grinding, fearing that it may lose its curative ability. My first priority was to get myself cured at the earliest. If you are interested to find out the effect of grinding it, please give a try. The result will be useful for others also. You have to plan the procedure such that you get firm evidence to arrive at conclusions.
    Wish you all the best.

  32. HI,

    1. Hi brittain scarborough,
      Your comment was mailed to me by Blogger. I am a 'slow coach' & would need 2 or 3 days to give a meaningful response. From the facts given in the comment I feel you can be CURED soon.
      If you want to communicate in public, we can continue here. Else we will use e-mail. Your ID is there in your comment - bsavage98@aol.com .
      Thank you for the open question.
      George E M

  33. Thank You! I think public communication will allow others to see and learn as well. I am open to whatever communication you would like. Thank you, Brittain

  34. Hi Brittain Scarborough,
    Thank you for visiting my web-pages.
    NEWCASTLE DIET is 800 cal OR 600 cal?
    Its always good to look for new ideas. My congratulations for having successfully completed the NC600CD. You want to get your Diabetes CURED & be more healthy. Am I right? The NCD reduced your A1C from 8.8% to 5.4%. That is a very good achievement. On your apple experience:-My father used to tell people that hunger is the best taste-maker (He died at the age of 62 on 15 Sep 1958!). Apples have proved it for you now.
    That is really good going.
    “… 2 AM READINGS OF 112 THOSE 2 DAYS…”
    Though not good, no reason to panic. There is a plan – different but not new. I followed it from 2006 to 2009; knew about it before 1977.
    LONG WHEAT is the name in Indian English, I suppose. It has different names even in different Indian languages. Names available to me are included in my web (Appropedia) article (link below). In my state (Kerala) it is available in grocery shops. Its Scientific (Latin) (Botanical) name is Triticum dicoccon. It is also referred as Triticum dicoccum in some places and as Emmer Wheat in some other places. I have collected some details & pictures in my web page for ease of my friends. (Because of these, a Google search of LONG WHEAT gives my article as the first of about 108,000,000 results http://www.google.co.in/#hl=en&sugexp=les%3B&gs_rn=6&gs_ri=psy-ab&pq=longwheat&cp=5&gs_id=u5&xhr=t&q=long+wheat&es_nrs=true&pf=p&sclient=psy-ab&oq=long+wheat&gs_l=&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.43828540,d.bmk&fp=fd29ed2d87341e35&biw=812&bih=607 .) If you approach a Botany student, teacher or researcher with these details they will give you its local name (http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#The_long_and_emmer_wheats ) Then you can locate it in the local market.
    Please read http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#Modus_operandi
    Food supplement is BREAKFAST & SUPPER, ROUGHLY 12 HRS APART similar to 1-0-1 of medicines. Lunch may be as you regularly take, but with diabetic limitations on sugar, starch (like potato), fat, oil & beverages. Fish, egg and low fat meat are allowed, but not unlimited.

    A time prediction is difficult since I SEEM TO BE THE LONE CASE OF CURED. Hence no statistics is available. There are lab tests to ascertain whether one is cured or not. There is no need of guess work. I feel (& am quite sure) that your case is not yet ripe for such tests.

    … Contnued>>>

  35. As far as Diabetes is concerned:

    • First requirement is to understand Diabetes. Then taming or conquering it is simple.
    • Diabetes is a problem with Pancreas; being unable to produce either sufficient Insulin or Insulin having sufficient quality. There are several reasons for this. (Is anyone interested to know?)
    • Tabs stimulate Pancreas (to be precise The Beta Cells) to overwork. This worsens the damage as time progresses. That is why medication is increased progressively.
    • Injected Insulin usually makes the Pancreas to idle down. This in the long run makes the patient dependent on external insulin & blood sugar level unstable.
    • Blood sugar level increase and the resultant rise of HbA1c are ONLY OUTCOMES OR SYMPTOMS OF DIABETES and NOT THE ILLNESS per say. They are comparable to droplets of water falling from a damaged tap & spoiling the surrounding. Tablet & Insulin therapies are like wiping the dropped water. The problems will persist & grow until the damage is repaired. Increasing the dose & frequency of tab or inj is similar to using more cloth or tissue-paper & more frequently to wipe out the water.
    • As in the case of any of our damaged organs, THE PRIME REQUIREMENT FOR CURE IS TO GIVE REST TO THE AFFECTED ORGAN FOR SUFFICIENT DURATION. This is accomplished by avoidance of sweet items (sugar, fruits, …) and reduction of starchy food.
    • Next requirement is ADDITIONAL NUTRIENTS REQUIRED FOR THE REPAIR. This is made available, in the case of diabetes, through LONGWHEAT MASH. It being input every 12 hours (breakfast & supper) ensures availability on a continuous basis to the internal systems.
    • In your case, having successfully brought the FBS, PPBS & HbA1C values to NORMAL level, what remains to be done are
    1. To hold them there with low glycaemic index diet and
    2. To provide additional curative nutrients present in LONG WHEAT (as indicated in books written in Saanskrit language by ancient Aayurveeda exponents of India).
    3. If you are eager to know your diabetes cure status, get your SERUM INSULIN tested, without taking any Diabetic medication, JUST ONE DAY, THREE TIMES
     In FASTING (that is after 8 hours of any food intake, but before 14 hours),
     At 45 minutes after completion of a food intake and
     At 2 hours after completion of a food.
    4. If you feel item 3 is costly or cumbersome, just have a normal meal (with starch &/or sweet &/or fruit components/ingredients) and get the sugar tested, extracting blood sample exactly at 2 hours of completion of intake and let me know the value.
    5. Even after cure ONE SHOULD NOT BE CRUEL TO ONE’S PANCREAS. After all it is ours, no!
    7. IF YOU TAKE 5 CHOCKOLETS & A SHAKE AT A STRETCH, IT IS ONLY ONE INTAKE. But if you take those same items 10-15 minutes apart, they are 6 intakes & there will be six DIGESTION CYCLE EXECUTIONS!!
    • Ask and tell me more.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Well, I too have tried the New Castle Diet of 600 Cal for 2 months from Aug 20, 2011 to Oct 20,2011. After one week from starting the diet, my FBS came down to normal, and after around 3 weeks my PPBS also became normal (There was almost nothing as intake in 600 cal diet!!). My weight dropped from 72 kgs to 54 kgs in 2 months. Every day I was receiving the same question from my friends and relatives at least a dozen times- "What happened to you?". Speculation ranged from TB to AIDS amongst them. It was a difficult period, but I clinched to my diet. Through out the diet period, both my FBS and PPBS remained well aroung normal. After 2 months and a few days, exactly on Oct 31,2011, for the first time in two months, I ate a normal Kerala Lunch with rice, parippu, sambar, thoran, aviyal and pappadam, No payasam. After 1.5 hours I tested my PPBS and it was 225. I realised that the 600 cal diet has failed me miserably. After all these hard work, it did not had any effect on me..
    This is my experience, I feel it will be the same elsewhere also, as we have not heard much about that treatment since...

    1. Hi Mr. Praveen,

      Your comments remind me some proverbs. Please excuse me.

      All that glitters is not gold (മിന്നുന്നതെല്ലാം പൊന്നല്ല)

      Other pasture is greener (അക്കരെപ്പച്ച)

      Proximity (familiarity) breeds contempt (മുറ്റത്തെ മുല്ലക്കു മണമില്ല)

      Appearances are often deceptive (അംബലം ചെറുതാണെങ്കിലും പ്റത്യക്ഷം വലുത്)

    2. In my Appropedia article I have remarked that the period of study in the 600 kcal Newcastle is insufficient to cure diabetes. It was remarked that blood sugar will shoot up no sooner than returning to normal diet.
      If you are still diabetic, you are welcome to seek my guidance here.

  38. okay i read that quick and need to revist it when i have more time. off for am trip to the dog park. thank you George!

    Pravee I am sorry to here that! :( the wieght loss did cause a stir at my work as well. Illness impending death, trying to impress a man, stopped eat but i guess i kinda did. I started at 240 in sept 2012 i lost about 33 to 38 pounds before i started the strict diet on 12-27-12 and during the diet i got down to 170 and i am holding steadt since stopping at 168. not ideal bmi for my height but skinniest i have been since i was a child. so that is a good side effect.

  39. Hi George,

    Can you send me your details over cdprayag@gmail.com. I have dignosized diabetes from last 2 months.


  40. Hi Sir,

    I need your contact details to discuss the plan details ...... I also have some inputs ... just to check whether I am correct or wrong ...

    I see GOD gave me opportuinty to test my strength...

    I was really delighted to hear the words " DM T2 CURE" .


  41. Nowdays diabetes is a fairly common disease but how do you get diabetes depend on either the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body does not respond to insulin.

  42. for many years i was suffering from diabetes but finally i have cured

    it naturally , and you can too just visit: http://linktrack.info/.gcdz

  43. How do you make the Kanji, just boiled it with water in the rice cooker. long wheat is it like rice?

  44. Hi tharsan,
    Thank you for the response. Answer to your questions are yes & yes. You may find some more details at http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#Numerical_representation B S test results nimerical representation
    http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#Graphical_representation B S test results graphical representation
    http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured_-_George%27s_experience#Long_Wheat_Mash_Diet_Regimen_.28LWMDR.29 LWMDR

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Hi tharsan,
    Thank you for the response. Answer to your questions are yes & yes. You may find some more details at B S test results nimerical representation,

    B S test results graphical representation &


    1. Sir
      i am following long wheat regime for the last 3 months. there is no improvement.if you can give contact details we can discuss further.can you pl give sir
      my email id is arunsivagnanam@yahoo.com

  47. Hello Mr George
    I am from Bangalore.
    I was unable to follow your regimen but I am able to keep under the radar of fasting under 100 and PPBS under 160. BUT I suffer from other symptoms associated with diabetes. Tingling in the soles and I do not know why But i suffer from giddiness. Please advise on how to meet you and if a financial help is required I am open to offer the same. Thanks in Advance

  48. Hello Mr AAM,
    I seem to remember this name. Have we communicated earlier?
    I am at Trivandrum. If you tell why you were unable to follow LWMD Regimen I may be able to suggest alternatives.

    The thinking that "just by keeping the FBS & PPBS near normal values by hook or crook everything will be fine" is not correct - to put it in the simplest terms. Even under that condition one's illness 'Diabetes' will be progressing. That is why you are suffering from other symptoms associated with Diabetes.

    Your giddiness may be because blood sugar might be falling below 70 at those times due to insufficient food &/or excess medicine or exercise.

    Being at Tvm & Blre think once again whether meeting in person is necessary. Your offer of financial assistance & all I will consider once am satisfied with your progress & cure.

    For further investigation & advise please give your EXACT FBS, 2-Hr-PPBS & HbA1c results. Tell when was your diabetes noticed. Also tell age, height, weight, medicines & dosages, details of food/drink intake like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning; that only will give a picture of your state for me to give you some specific advice.

  49. Sir,
    I am very much interested to share my experience with you. can you give me your mail id to have personal contact and to go further in this way to do good for the society.

  50. I visited your blogger profile. It is empty. I do not like to interact with shadows. If you want to share anything, please place it here; you may serve the society yourself.

  51. hi George 7, I am diabetic for last 7 years. With diet control and some exercise I was barely managing and then i lost control woke up when I saw fasting 235. With some research I reached your page. George's efforts are very impressive and seems credible and I have decided to try this Long wheat regimen. I live in Bombay and could not find Long wheat anywhere, a friend came to rescue and will be getting it for me from Gulbarga. Hopefully in next 3-4 days I will get on to this regimen.
    I am a roti eater and eating kanji (daliya) is something too harsh on me. I have decided to go for Long wheat daliya with milk or curd in morning and go for rotis made of long wheat flour in lunch and dinner. I have tried Apple cider vinegar and flax seeds in past they all help but its remedies not solution, work as long as you take. I am ready to put 3 years of my life to bet for this food regimen with no fruit no sweet and controlled diet of diabetes. I agree with George Pancreas need to be rested. Will avoid in between snacks and munching. George what about tea, can I have tea with sugar free natura even black tea will do. say one cup between breakfast and lunch and 1 cup between lunch and dinner.or do you think it will make the pancreas active and body will have to go through whole digestion again. My goal is also to cure myself I can sacrifice tea too if it come from you. I am 34yr old female want to live for atleast another 25 years more and ready to take efforts for my health.
    Can you please send me your email and or contact no George would want to keep in touch with you. I tried messaging you at health unblicked page but it seems the page is inactive since last 2 months.
    Thankyou George .:-)

    1. Hi Shaheen,
      Sorry for the delay in replying.
      Some persons have reported that even sugar-free increase blood sugar level.
      The healthunlocked site has some problem or other many times, but the admins rectify it soon.
      You please give your id here; then I shall send you my id to that id.

  52. Hello mr.george,
    I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, I would like to take your guidance on the method you followed. I live in usa, would you please provide me with your email address?
    Thank you

    1. Hello Mr Krishna,
      Thank you for the inquiry. I usually do not give my id here. Please suggest how else I can pass it on to you.
      I have an article in the appropedia site which can be accessed by searching the following three words DIABETES CURED GEORGE. It gives more details. Try your luck there or come back with a suggestion.

  53. Hello Mr. George,

    I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, My readings were as follows Fasting 135 and 2 hours after meal 215. I m in total shock. My family don't have an diabetic history. Rectly while searching in the net for the diabetes cure i came across your statement that diabetes can be cured.Kindly provide me with your contact details to discuss how to go about it. My email Id is prksh.epilli@gmail.com and my mobile no is 9833159550. I am from mumbai.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Mr. Prakash,
      Thank you for the interest & wish you a speedy recovery.
      Sorry that I came across your inquiry today only. I am mailing you right away.
      People with no family history also get Diabetes; need not worry much but has to be careful.

  54. Hi there! Outstanding post. Thanks for making reference to a very interesting and useful content, it is a big help to me and to others as well, keep it up!
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  55. Nice Info! There are many people who are using different ayurvedic products for reducing their sugar level.
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    1. I am of the opinion that I have been cured of Diabetes by following Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR). Long Wheat is a food-grain & there is no Ayurveda in taking it. At best what is there is food swapping or substitution.

  56. Hi George,
    I come HK, may I put meat together with the mash

  57. Hi Eddy Lau,
    What is HK? Hong Kong, the country?

  58. Sir, so you said about 1g for 1kg body for a meal, for example I have 60kgs, then 60g long wheat serve for 1 meal, so if 2 meals a day, means total eat 120g long wheat, is it right? Also, 60g per meal is raw long wheat or cooked long wheat

  59. Hi Eddy Lau,
    Yes the weight mentioned is of raw dry Long Wheat. "LONG" does not indicate size but variety.

  60. Also, not yet start the diet, waiting for long wheat. One question want to ask, I have already start a low cab diet with exercise for a month, FBS has improved from 100 to 73.8, but 2hrs PPBS is fluturated from 91.8 to 131.4 in same food in same amount, i am really confuse, no medication at this moment. pls advise

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. EL, Low Carbohydrate diet & LWMDR do not go together.
      What is your confusion; is it about PPBS fluctuating? Low carb or low GI diet, exercise, tablets, insulin injections etc will regulate blood sugar but will not improve the condition of illness namely Diabetes. So there is no wonder about the PPBS fluctuating. But LWMDR will improve Diabetes, it will rejuvenate Pancreas like in my case (http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#Numerical_representation B S test results numerical representation
      http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#Graphical_representation B S test results graphical representation )
      The value of blood sugar depends on several factors; diet is only one among those.

  61. sir,

    also my email is eddy201420142014@gmail.com, may i communicate with you by this email

  62. Is "organic pearl farro" is long wheat, in internet, Farro is emmer wheat

  63. Please make a close-up picture available; then I may be in a position to tell.

  64. Sir,
    Also, may i cook it as rice to eat instead of Kanji, and the side dish with meat and vegetable or not?
    Many Thanks

  65. Hi EL,
    You may cook LW as rice BUT SHOULD NOT THROW THE RESIDUAL WATER IF ANY; YOU MUST DRINK THAT ALSO SOME TIME OR OTHER if you want cure with LWMDR. Anything except sweet & root vegetables can be used as side dishes, ie meat, fish, egg as well in moderation.

  66. Sir,
    how can I send you a photo so I can ensure that I buy the correct 'Long Wheat'

  67. Hi EL,
    Upload the picture to your blog or Picasa album & give the link here. Otherwise if you are in HealthUnlocked forum, create a POST there & include the picture there & give the link here.

  68. Sir,

    This is the link


  69. The grain in the picture does NOT look like LongWheat. This is COMMON WHEAT, I think. But the "c" or "u" border at one tip of the grain makes it different from both LW & common wheat :-)

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Even when I delete my replies, name & time stamp remains. Any how I will try to untie the knot some time :-)

  71. Hi George Sir,

    Along with Diabetes ,I have autoimmune disorder .
    Is this diet safe for people with autoimmune disorder too.
    As in the internet they say the main reason for autoimmune disorder is wheat. Kindly reply

  72. Hi PP,
    I do not know anything about the link between wheat & autoimmune disorder. You please verify the date of discovery or publication of the link between wheat & autoimmune disorder; it may throw some light on the statement. Long Wheat as well as common wheat are general grains used as staple food, as far as my limited knowledge goes. But if you are not confident, do not go for it.

  73. I believe you experience with diabetes and its cure process will help others. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Diabetes Miracle Cure

  74. I believe you experience with diabetes and its cure process will help others. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Diabetes Miracle Cure

  75. Hello George,

    For those who do not live in India, getting long wheat (kanji) may be a bit difficult. Are there other variants of wheat that has the same benefit? Thanks.

  76. Hi Oluseyi Agun,
    Thank you for reading my blog-post & for the response. Long Wheat is the grain & Kanji is the food prepared out of it. Many well-read people say that this is the original wheat & others are modified or hybridised for high yielding. According to the details I could collect from Botanists this is Emmer Wheat. In India itself it is known by different names in different states/languages. Please have a look at http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured#Name_in_different_languages
    About the curative ability it is not my invention; the information was passed on to me by my maternal uncle who was an Ayurveda physician & researcher. He passed away two decades ago. He got the knowledge from Sanskriy Medical (Ayurveda) scriptures dating back to several millenniums.

  77. Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful medicine to cure Diabetes and helping the mankind get rid of one of the worst disease of all times.

    I would request your kind help for my wife who was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes around 4 years back at an age of 25 years. She started with medicines but is now on Insulin with doses of 26 units each in the morning and evening.

    We have been planning for a baby but the doctors are saying that we can not proceed till the Blood Sugar levels come down.

    I would kindly request you to please share any of your contact details, so that we can discuss our situation with you and try the life saving solution that you have given.

    Please share your contact details.

    Awaiting your kind response.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Abhinav Prakash.

  78. Hi Abhinav Prakash,
    Thank you for the inquiry. Insulin with doses of 26 units each in the morning and evening is very high. What the doctors told about conceiving is correct; else problems may erupt.
    I need latest FBS, 2-Hr-PPBS, HbA1c & C-peptide results. Also tell height, weight, details of food/drink intake like what, when & how much from one morning to next morning; that only will give a picture of the state of illness for me to give you some specific advice.
    Usually I do not share my contact details in public for fear of unsolicited interactions. Instead I suggest others to share their contact details & I will open the interaction. Otherwise it can be continued here.
    I wish a speedy recovery & a solution to your problems.

  79. Dear Sir,

    Many thanks for your kind response. As per the requirements, please find below the detailed information:

    Fasting Blood Sugar : 171
    PP Blood Sugar after 2 hours : 234
    HbA1c : 10.7
    C-Peptide : No done till date
    Height : 5.2 inches
    Weight : 87 Kg
    Food habits
    Breakfast ( 8:30 - 9:15 AM ) : Cornflakes with muesli in milk without sugar. After taking 28 units of insulin.
    Lunch (12:30 - 1:30 PM ) : 4 Chapatis made from wheat flour with any vegetable.
    Evening snacks ( 4:30 - 5:30 PM ) : 1 cup of tea with sugar free sweetener and 2 or
    3 biscuits.
    Dinner ( 8:00 - 9:30 PM ) : Salad (Lettuce, Cucumber, Carrot) , 4-5 Chapatis, 1 or 2 table spoon of rice with Dal and Vegetables after taking 26 units of Insulin.
    * Sometimes she eats chicken in place of vegetables and bread omlett in place of cornflakes and milk in breakfast. Diet coke once a week, red wine or wishky in small amount occasionally.

    Request you to kindly advise on how to move ahead with the cure of diabetes for my wife.

    If possible, please mail me your contact details at : abhinavindia@gmail.com

    Please let me know in case any additional details are required.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Abhinav Prakash.
    Email : abhinavindia@gmail.com

  80. Hi Abhinav Prakash,

    171, 234, 10.7 are quite high; with 28 + 26 = 54 units of Insulin daily is very very high.

    For a patient on Insulin, C-peptide result is necessary to assess the condition of Pancreas. So please get that test also done early.
    BMI is 35; this means the patient is overweight by 25 kilos as per the medical standards and by 30 kilos as per my standards. BUT DO NOT GET PANIC OR DO NOT TRY TO REDUCE IT FAST. DO IT ONLY SLOWLY & STEADILY.

    Sweeteners (sugar free or what ever it be), biscuits, bread and liquors are to be discontinued from today.

    Then with 54 units of insulin blood sugar may fall fast HENCE BEWARE OF HYPOGLYCEMIA.

    Keep reporting as frequently as possible. Consult me before making any change, except in emergencies.

    Continue existing treatments with the suggested changes for a week & report the status.

    I wish a speedy recovery with your co-operation.

    George E M

  81. Has anyone else cured with this diet plan

  82. Others are also at least as clever as you are. Thai is why they ask the same question & wait for others to demonstrate.
    Bye the way, are you the same sugarfree at HealthUnlocked by any chance?

  83. Dear Sir,

    Is this message for me (Abhinav Prakash) or for the person who commented with the User ID (Sugarfree).

    Anyways, I have sent you a mail on your mail id with some more queries.

    Request you to please look into the mail and provide your kind response.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Abhinav Prakash

  84. Hi George,

    Thank you for providing this information and your experience regarding the cure of diabetes. I have been diabetic for 7 years. I started the long weight diet regime about 2 months ago. I'm no longer taking any sugar medication since starting the diet. My blood sugar levels are: fasting 120 and 2 hour after meal about 180.

    My only concern is that in 2 months, my weight has dropped from 68kg to 61kb. Can you please let me know if I should be concerned, because I am getting worried about my weight.

    Thank you for your help and I appreciate your time and response.


  85. Hi M. Singh,
    I think you have not understood the things told in my post. My post is not a prescription. You should have tried to understand it properly & completely or could have asked me before trying to follow it.
    What is this "long weight diet regime" that you are following? Where did you buy the things required for it? How does it look like? What is the price of it? Are you being cheated by somebody?
    Your blood sugar values are not at all good. Dropping body weight from 68 to 61 in 2 months also is not a good sign. I think you have to be concerned about it.
    If you have not read my web article please have a look. It gives more information.

    1. Hi George,
      Thank you for your quick reply. Apologies for not being clear.
      I bought "Emmer Wheat" from whole foods here in US. It looks exactly like the picture you have in the article and it is cooked in the same way as well.
      Breakfast and dinner substituted with this Emmer Wheat, with side dish of daal or vegtables. Lunch is as usual as how it was before starting this diet. No fruits and no sugars being taken. Your advise on if I'm doing something wrong is much appreciated.
      Thanks again!

  86. Hi M Singh,
    Thank you for your return. My response was based on the information you provided. To make a concrete evaluation I need HbA1c & C-peptide results, age, height, medicines & dosages prior to LWMDR, that only will give a picture of your state.
    Please feel free to respond.

    1. Thanks George,
      I'll be more than happy to provide more information. I am 5'5", 58 years old.
      I had the tests done in Jan 2015. Glucose, Serum = 147. HbA1c = 7.6. I never gotten the C-peptide test before, I guess the doctors here don't prescribe that. Before starting this diet I was taking Januvia (Sitagliptin Phosphate) (100MG), 1 tablet daily. If you would like to reply to my email, which is reliv28@gmail.com, that would be great, whatever works for you.
      Thanks for the help!

    2. Hi M Singh,
      For 5'5" the current weight (61 kg) is okay according to my understanding. But a loss of 7kg (68 to 61) in 2 months appears to be something not at all good.
      After how many hours from previous food intake was the blood sample drawn, that gave the result 147?
      With HbA1c 7.6, 147 is not bad! It is quite appropriate!!
      After starting LWMDR what is the status of taking Januvia?

  87. Dear Mr George

    First, I would like to congratulate you for getting rid of this horrible disease and for your kindness and generosity in sharing your secrets with the whole world!

    Would you please take a moment to answer one question of mine? Is chicken, fish or meat allowed on this long wheat mash diet?

    I am intending to start this week and will keep you fully posted with my progress. I am a 40 year old lady diagnosed with diabetes 4 years ago. My fasting blood sugar is between 170-200 mgdl.

    Thank you once again!

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Muna/Marie,

      Yes chicken, fish or meat are allowed AS SIDE DISHES alias TASTE MAKERS on long wheat mash diet.
      On Friday my FBS was 82.

      George E M

  88. Hi GeorgeEM,

    It’s so good to read that people are benefiting from the LWMDR.
    I’ve been reading your blogs and searching for LW since long, and have finally laid my hands on them.
    BTW, I am 31 year old female, 5.5 tall, weighing 79.5kgs.
    I’ve been confirmed a diabetic since 2013. My initial readings were in the range of 380-430. And currently on 20 Units of Insulin each morning and evening.
    I did have my blood sugars tested today (14-4-15)morning with following readings:
    PPS:279.2 (2 hours after Bfast)

    I have started the LWMDR from today (14-4-15):
    Bfast: A bowl of LWM
    Lunch: Brown Rice Pulao (Onions, tomatoes, Spinach, Cabbage) with Cucumber-Tomato Raita
    Snacks: 1 Cucumber and 2 tomatoes
    Dinner: A bowl of LWM with Curd, Papad, vegetable curry

    It would be great if you can provide me some insights.


  89. Hi Jignasha,
    Thank you for the nice words. Sorry to say that your weight seems to be on the higher side; BMI = 29.1 indicates approaching obesity!
    Please get your C-peptide tested so that it will be easy on a later date to assess the improvement of Pancreas.
    Please tell how much dry LW do you take to cook for one meal; bowl can be of different sizes.
    Since you have started Insulin (20-0-20) you MUST continue it for some more time.
    Keep testing & reporting Fasting Blood Sugar for the time being.

  90. Thanks George for the quick response.
    I took around 70gms of dry LW. However, I was not able to complete it. I made mash using the second method.
    Same for today as well. I was unable to finish 70 gms of LW Mash. However, today I cooked the wheat using the 1st method and tampered it with little oil green chillies onions and tomatoes, like a chat which definitely tasted better.
    One concern here, I am heaving bad headaches since yesterday. Do you think its because of the new diet? Kindly Advise.


  91. Hi Jignasha,
    I did not have any headache with LWMDR. Your concern about taking so much starchy food or your body's reaction to (any) new food could be a reason. If the headache do not subside or worsen in due course (that is after a week or two) you must investigate it. Easy way is to discontinue LWMDR for a week or so & see the difference.

    It is good that you reported the HbA1c (10.1). What I asked was C-peptide; it would have spoken about the health or activity of Pancreas more precisely :-)

  92. Hi George,

    Its really nice of you to enlighten so many people with your thoughts and hats off to you for fighting such disease.
    I read your complete blog and i wanted some of your recommendations to cure diabetes, My father is a diabetic patient since almost 12 years apart from being a Hearth patient since past 7 years. He has been under proper medical supervision from starting and his diabetes has been under controll. But since one year it started be on higher ranges (250-300) and recently a doctor advised him to switch to Insulin. His insulin intake is now (18-16) units morning and evening but the problem is in starting his sugar was under control but now a days it again has started to reach higher levels (260-280) after meals (one nd half hour after lunch) though his evening and morning levels are still around 150-160. Doctor advised him to increase the dosage of Insulin but it seems it is not working out well. I would certainly need some of your expert opinion here does he needs to switch to LW diet and if yes how many times in a day should he just be on LW diet. Please inbox me your email information if you need any further test results i can probably share with you the scanned copies of them. Mine is utkarshpandey2007@gmail.com.

    1. Hi utkarshpandey,
      I did not get an alert mail from blogspot.in, on your comment. Today I got an alert on another one below. That is why I opened the page; otherwise not on a regular basis.
      Modern science consider Diabetes as a progressive disorder. So for them what your father is experiencing is an expected developments. There are still worse ones ahead.
      I describe the present condition of your father as UNSTABLE PHASE.
      I do not share my ID here; will mail you at the ID given by you. Since my expertise is shared at free of cost, many people undervalue it; some people even irritate or cause me waste my time & money by asking meaningless questions deliberately. Please do not misuse the facility extended with good intentions.
      Wish your father a speedy recovery.

  93. I happened to sight your writings “Diabetes Cured” and I should say that I am extremely lucky to have seen it.
    My wife is a diabetic since 1998 and on tabs. Her readings last year was 160-180 on FBS and above 220 on PPBS when we had checked and the doctor had changed her tabs and given.
    Since then she was on normal diet ( not anything special for a diabetic) and was worried as A1c when we had tested was of the order of 9 plus.

    Now after reading your experiences with LW, I searched out for it and procured it and have made her to follow the diet regime you proposed.
    Since last two weeks, the FBS is in the range of 75-90 ( when measured at 6 45 am).
    By 7 am she takes a Tea without sugar and another Green tean at 8.am. At 8.30 am before breakfast the Sugar is 115.
    By 8 30- 8 45 she has the LW diet and last few days the PPBS is at 165-195 regular. At the time when she takes the Lunch at 1 pm, the PPBS is about 80 if she doesn’t eat or drink anything in between.

    Pls advise if the PPBS readings are normal and will come down as she continues the LW diet.

    Also suggest any other instructions you have.
    She takes Glycomet 3/850 tab one each at Breakfast and Dinner time.

    For Lunch she has either Millets or Rice or Brown rice with Veg curry and Regular Sambar/rasam/curd.

    Your advise is really welcome.


  94. Dear Mr.George,

    The above post is addressed to you.

    Pls reply. Thanks

  95. Dear Mr.George,

    Forgot to add, wifes age is 43, height 153cm and weight is 52 kgs.

    Your valuable comments pls on the subject.

  96. Dear Mr.George,

    Todays reading ...
    FBS at 6.40 am - 80
    At 8 15 before breakfast - 105
    PPBS at 10 15 - 185
    Break fast - Long wheat diet
    Between 6 40 and 8 15- she had one tea without Sugar.

    Sir, Pls advise.


  97. Hi Mr Sreedhar Arun,
    17 years is a long period for a patient on Diabetes. This is clarified by the readings reported. FBS 160-180 and PPBS above 220 are very high. A1C 9 plus is as you know dangerously high. The patient must have begun to exhibit advanced level of problems such as numbness at extremities & sexual dysfunction. Please tell me the date of starting LWMDR. I have my own doubts on the progress you report (FBS 70-90). Please give blood sugar values with dates; then only I can evaluate & give an opinion.
    The Body Mass Index (BMI) of the patient as per the numbers you gave, is very good.

  98. Dear Mr.George,

    Thanks for your reply.
    She has been on LW diet since i saw your post 2 weeks back. This is her third week on LW diet. From the time she has been on LW diet, her FBS at 6 40 am ( wakeup time) is in 80-100 range only. She has a tea after that. Her night dinner ( LW) she takes between 8 15 to 8 30 all days.

    Last two weeks her Breakfast time was 8 30-8 40 and her PPBS in the range of 165-190. Some days it showed even 155. She has regular rice or millets for lunch at 1 pm. Few days when we checked at 1 pm, the reading was close to 80. Evening she has a Tea without Sugar and from 6 45 to 7 45 we have our regular walk in the park which is about avg 3Kms which we dont miss to do. Again LW for dinner.

    She is brisk and active and no signs of numbness or any other sort. This weekend, we will have a test at external lab for FBS, PPBS and HbA1C and inform you.

    She doesnt eat Sweets ( she dislikes). Fruits also NO. Her weight she has been maintaining for all these years.

    Do you want me to post the levels daily or should i get the test reported from a lab? Last 2 weeks readings, i can tabulate and send you if you can advise me your email id.
    Mine is sredhar1967@gmail.com

    Looking fwd to your assistance to get her cured.


  99. Good Morning Mr.George,

    Todays reading..
    FBS at 6 20am - 80,
    Tea without Sugar at 6 45 am
    Break fast LW at 8 15am,
    PPBS at 10 15- 167.


  100. Dear Mr.George,

    As reqd, posting readings from June 13th ( LW diet started from 12th June).

    Reading format below is

    Date FBS,PPBS
    13 85,177
    14 105,180
    15 85,180
    16 87,113
    17 80,155
    18 91,153
    19 88,187
    20 89,167
    21 101,171
    22 92,97
    23 116,155
    24 76,180
    25 119,196
    26 80,190
    27 75,190
    28 88,187
    29 105,190
    30 80,167


  101. This comment has been removed by the author.

  102. Dear Mr.George,

    I came to know from one of your follower that the PPBS to be tested 2 hrs from the time you finish the breakfas, which i had missed to follow during last 20 days of the diet regime and measured at 2 hrs after start of breakfast.

    So i have started measuring correctly now from July 1. Will have her continue the diet regime and post the results tabulated after 25 days i.e on 26th July for your precious advise and further guidance.

    For now last two days, PPBS has been 160 and 165.


    1. Dear Sredhar,

      It's really great that you are sharing the detailed information for the treatment of your wife's diabetes using the LWMDR as suggested by George Sir.

      I also looked into this for my wife and posted some queries for George Sir and got the detailed information from him. I am currently in UK and could not get the Long Wheat, so I will start it for my wife once I am back in India by Oct 2015.

      Once again, many thanks to George Sir for this life saving cure for diabetes and thanks to you for sharing the detailed updates of this treatment.

      Please keep posting your results, it will be of great help to all of us.

      Wish you good luck!!

      Thanks and Regards,
      Abhinav Prakash.

    2. Hi Mr Sreedhar Arun,

      Thank you for the feed back posts. PPBS is to be tested AT 2hrs after completion of food intake. Till that time the BS will be on decline. Please see it at the GTT graph above.

      Reporting weekly once is sufficient. During my illness, I was even testing blood only once monthly.

  103. Dear Abhinav Prakash Srivastava,

    Glad to see your positive/encouraging remark. Regards. GEM

    1. Respected George sir,
      I have started LWMDR from 8th of July will test the bs level after 15days will let you know the result,i have posted the pic of Khapali Ghau which is the name in marathi for long wheat in helthunlocked froum ,some of the members says it is Long wheat some don't agree with it plz sir see the pic and conform i am in dilemma waiting for your replay

  104. The picture given in healthunlocked forum is Long Wheat only as per my experience. As the shot is in close range & with flash, the grains are too shiny & coloured darker.

    1. Respected George sir,
      Result of BL after starting LWMDR from 8th July2015,BS Levels are as
      26/06/2015 Fasting:177mg/dl,p.p 279mg/dl
      4/7/2015 Fasting:135mg/dl,pp260mg/dl
      27/07/2015 Fasting:120mg/dl,P.P225mg/dl
      On Ayurveda Medicine and diet Breakfast and Dinner with LWMDR with lemon Juice sprinkled on LW and coriander for test,Lunch 3 chapati,vegetables and curry,no rice no tea/coffee

    2. Hi shyam patil,
      The results are encouraging. Please continue & report results.

  105. Hi George...
    It's great to know that you are away from type1.
    I am just diagnosed with type1. Can you please guide me where I can find long wheat in US?

    1. Hi Ashwini Doke,
      I was only Type 2. Some Type 1s have just started LWMDR. They are reporting encouraging trends. I do not know about its availability. Try some online trading sites or some Indian Stores there; they may have if you are lucky.
      Wish you all the best.

    2. Hello Mr.George,

      Pretty unfortunate i couldnt get to test in an external lab yet. Also as my daughter was hospitalised for dengue, my wife couldnt continue her diet for almost 10 days from Aug 1. She s back to LWMD since Aug 11.

      In July last, her readings were FBS 88 and PPBS in the range of 180.
      Last few days, the results are pretty good as her PPBS is 140-160 steady. Will let her continue the diet and will go for outside lab test by month end and report. FBS still continues in the range of 88-90


    3. Okay Sreedhar. Keep monitoring & reporting periodically. George E M

  106. This comment has been removed by the author.

  107. Hi George Sir

    How are you. Nice to see you after a long time. Very upset with Healthunlocked admin nature.

    I am very much fine and keep my BS under control. Thanks you again sir. God bless you always.

    I had gone through my Term Plan from LIC. For the same I had gone through some medical checkups fixed by LIC.

    Please go through my results:
    FBS : 86 (In Lab)
    PBS: Not tested.
    Total Cholesterol : 162
    HDL: 36
    LDL : 108
    Total Lipid : 600
    Triglycerides : 91
    HDL/LDL ratio: 3

    Yesterday on 22 August 2015 I ate 2 ice creams before my dinner. And today I checked my FBS by glucometer it was 88. I am very happy about the results. But it doesn't means that I am lefting LWDMR. Its a special diet and I will continue it upto my Diabetic cure as you. :)
    I need your email id to remain in contact with you. Kindly draft me a mail on saxena.en@gmail.com. I will be the happest person after getting your email id. Thanks a lot sir on behalf of Diabetic commudity who are using Long Wheat discovered by you.


  108. Hi Amit,
    I am fine, thank you; how are you? You were not reporting anything. Thank you for the prayers. Blood results are not bad.
    Keep reporting.

    Why your name appeared as GOVERNMENT JOB PORTAL?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hello Sir

      Actually I run a blog of gov jobs for my friends & for society who required the jobs. I just linked the url for them.

      By mistake I publish my post to you from the same blog that's y I repost from my other blog.

      Well sir due to your absence in HUD I was not interested to publish my report on same portal. But now afterwards I will post my all noted reports on HUD site.

      Thanks for your reply and advice. Stay Blessed :).


  109. I read your post. It is very good and helpful. Thanks for sharing it, with us.
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    1. Some people complain about non-availability of Long Wheat.

  110. Logical. Please mention about your experiance with "bakery items" and "packaged food" items during your experiments! Having bakery foods as evening snacks has become a routine in Kerala households!! God knows what goes into making those foods!!

    1. No more comments specifically related to my experiments. Any processed items with more than a few days of shelf life will necessarily contain mild insecticides popularly known as preservatives. Those have bio-concentration capability & will culminate in triggering cancerous growth.
      If the sweet items including biscuits are sweetened with genuine sugar, nobody can make profit by selling at the present cost. I know this because my wife used to make cakes, ice-creams, puddings and many other sweets at home for us.

    2. .hi sir I want you to guide about this LWDMR diet plz help me...My email address is vyasdev1234@gmail.com

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  120. Dear Mr.George,

    Greetings. Last Sunday got the HBA1C and Sugar levels tested for my wife in lab and was really surprised to see the results.

    She is on LWMDR since last 3-4 months and ofcourse, she had to be off the diet also for few days inbetween due to some other issues.

    Last year in Aug, the HBA1C was 9.29, fbs 180 and PPBS 220.

    This current HBA1c is 7.3. Avg PPBS is 165.
    During tests other days at home, the FBS is within range and PPBS at 160-165.

    I thank you for letting us know about this diet regime and your followup support.

    Will keep continuing the diet and again report further.

    Thank you once again.


    1. Thank you for the feed back, Sreedhar. Glad to hear the good news. Keep following, monitoring & reporting. Usually people do not report. That makes me unhappy.

    2. Dear Mr.George,

      Does Sugar Levels get affected during a Viral Fever? Pls throw some light on the subject and will continuing the LWD make the Sugar levels return back to values that were before the Fever?

    3. Dear Mr Sredhar Arun,
      Not only Viral Fever but any infection will kick the Blood Sugar levels up. After curing the fever, LWMDR will return the values back.

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  124. Dear Mr.George,

    I have read all your posts and will not disturb you with all sorts of questions till I have more data.

    I have just one question - the wheat mash porridge is a bit bland to eat and making another side dish too much of an effort.
    Can I cook the wheat mash ( after it is boiled ) with virgin coconut oil( which has also proven to have anti-diabetic properties ) and vegetables to make it into a more tasty option or would cooking the long wheat mash destroy its properties.

    1. Dear Rhea Jain,
      I have not tried cooking LW with other things. You please give a try, watch the progress and share.

  125. Dear Mr.George,
    I have read all your posts and also gone through the site for the cure. So I will not disturb you with unnecessary questions till I have more data on my Diabetes Type 2.
    Only one question :
    Long wheat mash is a bit bland to eat - can I cook it (after boiling) with virgin coconut oil and other vegetables and some spices to make it more palatable.
    Do you think cooking it in oil will destroy its properties ?

    1. Dear Rhea Jain,
      I have not tried cooking LW with other things. You please give a try, watch the progress and share it here for the benefit of others.

  126. Hi George sir, I am also diabetic since aug/2015.I have maintained it by diet and exercise. I KNOW that it is not cure what I am doing. I read about this diet and I purchased long wheat from puna. Now I want us suggestions to start It.... MY AGE 35 FASTING UNDER 120/,PP under 150_160

    1. Dear devendra vyas,
      If you didn't get sufficient details from this blog, please go through the sections titled LWMDR as well as MODUS OOERANDI of my appropedia article at http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured

  127. Thank you for this post sir.Tt was really helpful. I have one question that, is it necessary to follow this diet plan for lifelong to control diabetes? please respond ....thank you

  128. Hi Deepthi Prabha,
    The prime advantage of this diet is that it need not be continued after confirming cure.

  129. I do not prescribe any medicine to anybody. I explain the diet I followed for 3 years from 2006 to 2009.

  130. Dear George,

    I have been recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2. My Hba1c result was 8.0 % and from a very acute infection, my blood sugar raised up to 350!

    After recovering from the infection, I am balancing my diet by cutting off sugar and carb. I am managing my blood sugar with insulin (aspart & glargine). During the day, with very low carb - I am able to not having my aspart insulin at all. Only 10-12 units of glargine at night before bed. I am not given any other medication by my physician.

    I am open to try the Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen. But I am not sure if I can get this in Indonesia. Could you please let me know how or where am I able to buy this wheat?

    By the way I am 30 years old, 158 cm height and 52,6 kg weight.

    Look forward to hear from you.

    Many thanks.

    Best Wishes,

    1. Dear Aini Abdul,
      What I know is that it is cultivated & vailable in my country - India.
      Please see section titled "Name in different languages" in my article at http://www.appropedia.org/Diabetes_mellitus_cured and search to see if it is available in any online shops.

  131. Nice blog really glad to have such type of blog to share my comment keep posting like that really appreciated.

  132. Hello Sir... thanks for the information. It's inspirational too. Could also lost this in malayalam...so it will be useful for many household ladies...this
    suggestion is from my mom.

    1. Hello chinnu sasi,
      You are welcome. My first blog is bilingual. Its name is KOTHUKINE KUPPIYILAAKKAAM. It has Malayalam version of articles on Diabetes cured experience. Please comment after reading. It is at http://traplarva.blogspot.in

  133. Hi George,

    Thank you for informative blog. You really are helping I am a diabetic for the past 5 years and in October 2016 , H1bc reading was 11 with FBS as 200. The doctor put me on amaril 2g. Later I followed LCHF and in June my A1bc came down to 6.6.
    I felt very happy to come across your blog. I want to do Long Wheat diet. I am in US and read that Emmer wheat is same as long wheat. My email Id is rainrenu68@gmail.com.
    Can you please let me know if Emmer wheat is same as Long wheat?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Rain,
      The pictures seen and text read gave the impression that both Emmer and Long wheats are same.