Friday, February 5, 2010

My diabetes has not yet returned!!!

Last Wednesday (27.01.2010) I had the regular quarterly health check up. Along with Lipid profile etc, blood sugar also was monitored. Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS) was 100 mg%, Post Prandial Blood Sugar (PPBS) showed 105 mg% & Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HbA1C) was 6%.

On the way to the consulting room of my physician, I met a friend & his wife. She is diabetic. During the chat it came out that just 2 Idlis & ½ a cup of tea took her PPBS to 195 mg% where as 3 Idlis & a full cup of coffee took my PPBS to 105 mg% only!

What is happening in my case is entirely different from what many people anticipated &/or told on hearing the declaration of the cure of my diabetes.

In spite of taking rice based food thrice daily, coffee/tea with sugar, bakery sweets after lunch frequently (not daily) & 5-6 plantain fruits most of the days for seven (7) months, my diabetes DIDN’T RETURN.

What most of the visitors of my poster presentation (day 1 of 3, day 2 of 3 & day 3 of 3) (at the KERALA GRAMAM (Kerala village) exhibition arranged in connection with the 97th Indian Science Congress (ISC2010) at the Kerala University Campus, Kariavattom, Trivandrum) wanted to know was “WHAT IS THE GUARANTEE (OR ARE YOU SURE) THAT DIABETES WILL NOT RETURN?”

My reply was: “AT THIS POINT OF TIME WHAT I CAN SAY IS THAT IN SPITE OF NORMAL DIET MY DIABETES DID NOT RETURN FOR SIX (6) MONTHS & IF YOU ASK ME AFTER ANOTHER MONTH, I WILL SAY THAT MY DIABETES DID NOT RETURN FOR SEVEN (7) MONTHS”. This has come true on Jan 27, 2010. Only after the elapse of one year (5 more months from now), I can make a statement that my diabetes did not return for an year.

In order to make a general statement that diabetes will not return for any specific duration, more time cases & case studies are required. If the present trend continues, that may not happen in the near future for sure. Whom ever I encounter turns out to be unfortunately a pessimist.

One of my friends (a blogger reffered as Ankil) was more eager to ascertain that my claim of cure of diabetes is WRONG, than positively responding to my offer for trying to explore the possibility of a cure of HIS OWN DECADES OLD DIABETES.


I am reminded of the anecdote of KERALA CRABS.

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